Cave Hill Cemetery is more than a sacred resting place. It is an integral part of the legacy of the Louisville community. Its stewardship has been entrusted to successive generations for over 160 years and now is your time. We are excited to announce the formation of the Cave Hill Heritage Foundation which is dedicated to providing for the long-term preservation of this Louisville treasure. We invite you to support the Foundation and help preserve the legacy of Cave Hill Cemetery for generations to come.

The Cave Hill Heritage Foundation

The purpose of the Cave Hill Heritage Foundation is to secure funding for the long-term preservation of this unique cemetery. Specifically, the mission of the Cave Hill Heritage Foundation is three-fold:

  • To restore the historical monuments and buildings
    Cave Hill Cemetery is known for its exquisite collection of monumental art, many examples of which are over 150 years old. Additionally, the property includes a variety of historic structures, from the Administration Office to the Board Room to the three and half miles of brick and stone wall that encircle the perimeter. The resources provided through the Foundation will allow cemetery management to be proactive both in addressing specific, long-term conservation projects and in responding to critical situations that require immediate intervention and stabilization.
  • To preserve the arboretum setting
    On average, fifty trees are removed each year at Cave Hill Cemetery due to disease, old age or weather damage and over 100 plants are replaced. The Cave Hill Heritage Foundation will help provide resources for the unexpected, as well as help preserve and sustain the beauty of the cemetery's arboretum setting. It will provide for the removal and the replacement of specimen trees and shrubs and ensure that future generations will have access to this amazing green space in the heart of Louisville.
  • To provide community education and awareness
    The history of Cave Hill Cemetery is inextricably tied to the history of Louisville. Through its landscape and monuments, the cemetery tells the story of this beloved city by the river and its remarkable citizenry. The Cave Hill Heritage Foundation will help provide resources to produce educational materials, expand public awareness and develop special events and programs for school children and the community at large. It will also ensure that the critical task of recording and archiving the history of the cemetery will continue.

Won't You Become a Heritage Foundation Steward?

You are cordially invited to become a steward of the Cave Hill Heritage Foundation. Funding for this non-profit, 501(c) (3), comes from individual donations and grants and will be used to support the cemetery's restoration, beautification and education efforts.